Share Accounts

Share TypeAPR*APY**Notes
Share Account.15%.15%$100 minimum for dividends.
Kid's Club.50%.50%No minimum for dividends.
Vacation Club.10%.10% 
Christmas Club.50%.50% 
Super Shares.18%.18%$100.00 - $4,999.99
 .20%.20%$5,000 - $14,999.99
 .22%.22%$15,000 - $24,999.99
 .24%.24%$25,000 +
   Effective Date:10/02/2017

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate
**APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Share Certificates

6 Month Regular.20%.20%$500 Minimum
12 Month Regular.40%.40%$500 Minimum
24 Month Regular.70%.70%$500 Minimum
   Effective Date: 11/29/2017

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate
**APY = Annual Percentage Yield


Loan TypeTermAPR*Notes
New Vehicle48 Months3.49%Current Year + 2 Years
 60 Months3.99% 
 72 Months4.49% 
 84 Months4.99% 
Used Vehicle48 Months4.99%3 - 7 Years Old
 60 Months5.49%3 - 7 Years Old
 48 Months5.99%8 Years and Older
 60 Months6.49%8 Years and Older
Home Equity60 Months3.99% 
 84 Months4.49% 
 120 Months4.99% 
Share Secured60 Months3.00% 
Unsecured36 Months9.00% 
Better Choice3 Months18.00%$500 maximum.
Vacation Special12 Months4.99%$3,000 maximum. Only Direct Deposit Payroll -0.50% discount applies. Normal underwriting guidelines apply.
   All Rates Effective 1/25/2017

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate
**APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Rates quoted DO NOT include a .50% discount for paying by Payroll Deduction or Automatic Transfer from an account with Direct Deposit. Rates may vary based on individual's credit history. (Credit Bureau Score)

All rates are subject to change.

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