Welcome to Allegheny Central Employees Federal Credit Union!



Hi, everybody! If you have a "Honey Do List" we can help you. If you'd rather get in the car and take off for a fun weekend, we can make that happen. If you need money for golf clubs or a mower, we're your place of choice. Just ask someone on staff for a "Special Little Loan" Special. They are available up to $2500 for 1 year at a special rate of just 4.00% Get in line for yours today before they are all gone!


GAP INSURANCE (Guaranteed Asset Protection) is available at your credit union at really reasonable rates. When you have an accident and your vehicle is "totaled", your Auto Insurance Company pays their fair share first. Then GAP steps in and pays the difference. This keeps you from having a leftover balance to finance into your new loan. It lets you start off clean again. This coverage is a very cost-effective one-time fee added to your loan. The coverage is available for most vehicles. Check with Vickie or any staff member about adding this coverage to your new vehicle loan. It's a win/win deal.


And you think nobody is listening!! Many of you have asked to have the Birthday Loans reinstated. The Board listens to any and all requests. At a recent board meeting, they voted to honor your requests. From this day forward you will get a 1% discount on any loan you qualify for in your birthday month. Happy Day! Happy Birthday!


Ours is better. Our transfer fee is "0"; theirs is between 3% and 5%. For example, if you use their card to get a transfer from their card to ours, you've already lost between $150 to $250 of your funds. We offer a more competitive rate. Our service is top rate. Fraud Protection is 24/7 so you're covered for any and all contingencies. What are you waiting for? Call today for an application or just stop by to chat about your options. See you soon!


Skip-a-Pay only costs $25 per loan and can be done twice yearly. We just move your date one month ahead and you continue in good standing. It's the perfect answer to a small problem. Check it out when you get a chance. It might just be the answer for you.
You keep the money you would have given us to do with as you please. Who wouldn't want a little extra cash these days. There's always a small bill that needs attention or a shiny bauble that's been catching your eye again and again. Plus how about those inevitable "getting ready for school again" supplies just around the corner. Go for it!