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There's still time for a late summer vacation before the kids go back to school. We have the perfect answer to your funds problem -- our special SUMMER LOAN for up to $2500 with a 1 year repayment schedule. The rate is 5.99% - If you can't get away, the kids could probably use a tablet or an Ipad or some spiffy new duds.


Wow, you're on your way to the beach for a long weekend before you settle in for the fall season to begin. You realize that you forgot to do your mortgage payment. No problem. You pull off the highway, take a sip of your soft drink that's in your travel cup, take out your phone, tap a few buttons and it's done. NO PROBLEM. That's our new MOBILE BANKING PROGRAM. There are no costs, no fees. It's yours for the asking. As long as you have Home Banking in place first, you can add it to your services with the credit union. There are many more options to this program. Check it out.


The VISA CREDIT CARD PROGRAM is well on its way. RATE IS 9.9%. There are NO BALANCE TRANSFER FEES. This is a fabulous card and you need to have one. We waited until we could offer the best and this is it - just for you. Karen is waiting at the office with an application in her hand. First 5 approvals receive a special prize. See you soon.


SKIP-A-PAY is available any time of the year--you decide. That's right -- you can apply twice annually to skip your loan payment. Vacation time would be a perfect option. It's up to you. The fee is a mini $25 per loan. Call with any questions.