Welcome to Allegheny Central Employees Federal Credit Union!



GAP INSURANCE (Guaranteed Asset Protection) is available at your credit union at really reasonable rates. It covers new vehicles, even RV's. It's sensible and realistic to carry this cost-effective coverage. Check with Karen or any staff member if you are interested.


Start the new year with a great rate on a CD. We have two
offers for you to consider. 7-month or 11-month terms both have rates of .50% Youth through age 12 minimum balance is $500; adult minimum is $1000. Offer is limited so get yours now.


and we realize his helpers could use a little cash for things around the North Pole! Our little elves here at your credit union can join the merriment with up to $2500 if the helpers can give it back in time for next Christmas. We will only charge a rate of 5.99%. Call our #1 Elf, Karen, if you have questions.


Many of you are out shopping for new vehicles and for things others have turned in on trades. There are good bargains everywhere. Before you sign on the dotted line anywhere, please get in touch with Karen to see what she may be able to do in the "rate department". She can point you in the right direction relative to discounts, crazy rates and all of the "fast talk" that goes on at the dealership. She can value your vehicle for you before you start shopping. She's the best. Trust what she tells you and be armed with good information. We're your credit union and it's our duty to help you do well financially.


Many of you have asked to have the Birthday Loans reinstated. The Board listens to any and all requests. At their meeting in September, they voted to honor your requests. You will get a 1% discount on any loan you qualify for in your birthday month. Happy Day!


If you bring in a new member, they get 1% off the interest on their first loan. That's not all -- you do too. You have two choices: we will either discount your current loan OR give you a coupon for a 1% discount on a future loan. Can't beat this deal. Call Karen and tell her you want to discuss 1 for 1. She'll be glad to help you.


We're about to add a new application to our Mobile Banking Service and you haven't signed up yet, now have you? Well, today is the day. Let me tell you why. For example, let's suppose you stop at your mailbox, get your mail, open a card a loved one has sent to you, take out the check, get out your new iPhone and scan the check and HORRAY - your money is in your designated account. You don't have to even take a step forward or back. That's what we here at your credit union call a win/win. Why don't you stop by today and talk to Karen or one of the ladies. You won't be sorry. There are no fees for this great new service. You'll be pleasantly surprised what all you can do with it.


When you come into the office be sure to ask for an application for your New VISA CREDIT CARD. This is a great deal with a great rate of 9.9% and NO Transfer Fees. That's a bargain any day of the week. Get approved today and be ready for all of those bargains on "Black Friday".
Remember, the early bird gets the worm. You can be prepared with your new card and be one of those early birds yourself. Go for it now.


If you run short here and there during the year, you have the option to ask for a SKIP-A-PAY on your loan. There is a fee of $25.00 each. You may do this service twice a year but not back to back. Holidays can be a drain on finances so that might be one of the times to consider this option. Call any staff member if you have questions.