History of the Allegheny Central Employees Federal Credit Union

The West Penn Connellsville District Employees Federal Credit Union was originally chartered in 1935 to serve West Side Connellsville, Laurel Division, Uniontown, and Lake Lynn. As changes occurred within the company, the name was changed to better reflect our connection to the sponsor. At present we are functioning as the Allegheny Central Employees Federal Union, ACE FCU for short.

Just a few years ago, within a continually changing financial marketplace, the credit union expanded to become a community-chartered credit union to now allow membership privileges to almost everyone who lives, works, or worships in Fayette County.


GAP INSURANCE (Guaranteed Asset Protection) is available at your credit union at really reasonable rates. When you have an accident and your vehicle is "totaled", your Auto Insurance Company pays their fair share first. You are left with a balance that you must settle before you can borrow for a new vehicle. Instead, if you would have been covered with GAP, your insurance would have paid this deficit balance and you could have started over fresh and at zero. This coverage is a very cost-effective one-time fee added to your loan. It is available for most vehicles. Check with Vickie or any staff member about adding this coverage to your new vehicle loan. It's a win/win deal. A few dollars up front may save you thousands later on should an accident happen. Check with us about this coverage before you shop for your new vehicle.


Happy Day! Happy Birthday! You are entitled to a 1% discount on most loans approved during your birthday month.
If you don't need your funds at that time, we can hold the application for as long as 90 days. Go, birthday folks!


Hands down, ours card program is just better. Our transfer fee is "0"; theirs is between 3% and 5%. For example, if you use their card to get a transfer from their card to ours, you've already lost between $150 to $250 of your money. We offer a more competitive rate. Our service is top rate. Fraud Protection is 24/7 so you're covered for any and all contingencies. What are you waiting for? Call today for an application or just stop by to chat about your options. See you soon!


Skip-a-Pay only costs $30 per loan and can be done twice yearly. We just move your date one month ahead and you continue in good standing. It's the perfect answer to a troublesome problem you may be having. Call us if you need help.

As a full-service operation, we continue to grow and prosper in our office in Dunbar. Led by a competent seven-member Board and three experienced staff members, we are poised and anxious for the bright future that lies ahead.

We invite anyone who has any interest in our operation to stop by and meet our staff. It would be our pleasure to introduce you to the credit union way of doing business. See you soon.


Need Assistance?

If you require assistance to access any information or service available on our website, please contact us at 724-628-2106.